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By MC, 12/21/19, 1:30PM EST


Serving as an Alpine Official is a fun and rewarding experience! The Alpine Officials Committee believes that there are a number of pathways as a group, alpine officials, may effectively accomplish a rising tide in well run ski races...


Alpine Officials

Serving as an Alpine Official is a fun and rewarding experience! NHARA is a ski race member group directly affiliated and in alignment with the US Ski and Snowboard association. Each race event must be sanctioned (approved) by US Ski and Snowboard, which requires that we follow the Alpine Competition Rules and other related directives including Precisions (seasonal updates).

In addition, the NHARA Alpine Officials Committee assigns a Technical Delegate (TD) to supervise and help race organizing committees (Clubs) host successful events. The rules require the attendance of a TD at each race event, ski festival (U10) and official training day

(children’s speed/finals/championships).


The NHARA Alpine Officials Committee encourages parents to be involved in ski racing and serve as positive role models.

For more information, please contact the Alpine Officials Committee Chair,

Mike Cosman, (


NHARA Alpine Officials Education Advantage

(Ski Racing Education)

The Alpine Officials Committee believes that there are a number of pathways as a group, alpine officials, may effectively accomplish a rising tide in well run ski races:

New for 2019/2020 season, the NHARA Alpine Officials Committee has introduced the NHARA AO Education Advantage! There are three components:

  1. Improve and expand content on the NHARA AO webpage and throughout the clinic platform
  2. Deliver a dynamic, innovated race event learning system that integrates alpine official information throughout NHARA…at updates and clinics, as well as offer a Technical Advisor and race support.
  3. Present on-hill clinics and mini-seminars to clubs at their home venue; provide a Technical Advisor (TA); and offer race support/assistance to race organizers

    In an effort to engage more parents to participate in New Hampshire alpine racing, we bring the clinic to club:

                Away from race day hustle, the on-hill clinics are presented in casual conversation  demonstrating best practices.

                 The mini-seminar content has been designed with flexibility and incorporates individual club needs; Jury Advisor training and certification testing is one option, another is a review that compliments the on-hill content.

                  There is a Technical Advisor program led by Ted Sutton. Like a World Cup event, Ted helps the club and Jury in carrying out a successful, fun event.

                   For race support education, the clinicians attend the race to assist with non-jury positions: Chief of gates; Start and Finish Referees, Chief of Course and course workers (this is an excellent opportunity for newer officials shadow). 


    From a big picture perspective, we are committed to help race organizations host quality events.

    We see NHARA member alpine race education as an ongoing, evolving process. The delivery must be progressive; viewed as a welcome asset, with clubs willing to implement positive changes, while generating member engagement. We are dedicated to a forward leaning vibe that provides leadership focused on all stakeholders, remaining flexible, policy driven, and to carry out the education mission with transparent actions.

    The NHARA AO Education Advantage is an engine starter for more active member participation in alpine officiating and will help New Hampshire racing grow as a sought after, family fun winter experience.


    Volunteers play an essential role in every race event. All ski races including World Cup events are staffed with volunteers. Many NHARA races require between 35-40 volunteer workers (speed events may require more). Member clubs may welcome parents and friends traveling from other mountains to help at NHARA races.

    Please attend NHARA hosted US Ski and Snowboard educational clinics. Volunteers may attain credentials that provide individuals with the opportunity to help make race events great experiences for athletes and spectators alike. The rules require that each race must have credentialed people to serve as leaders: Jury Advisors, Chief of Timing, Chief of Course, Chief of Race, and Technical Delegate, as well as other event positions on and off the hill. Volunteer leadership positions are fun, dynamic and allow the spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation to guide NHARA ski racing to the top.

    It is a best practice for race organizers, officials and volunteers to attend a clinic each year. In addition to a NHARA membership ($40 race official/supporter), we encourage race officials and volunteers to join US Ski and Snowboard as an Alpine Official; please note there are several types of  membership...only members that are registered as officials may become certified.

    NHARA –

    US Ski & Snowboard –

    Race Organizing Committee

    Each NHARA race event is hosted by a member club and must have a Race Organizing Committee (ROC). The ROC appoints a Chief of Race (CR), the NHARA Alpine Officials Committee appoints a TD. The TD in cooperation with NHARA selects a Referee (RF). The CR, TD and RF form the race Jury.

    The Race Organizing Committee consists of those members (physical or legal) who are delegated by the organizer and U.S. Ski & Snowboard and carries the rights, duties and obligations of the organizer. Upon appointment, the Technical Delegate, Referee and Assistant Referee (for speed events), and the Forerunners also become members of the Race Organizing Committee.

    Race Competition Jury

    The Jury is the group that runs the race and is authorized to follow the rules and make fair and reasonable decisions when a specific rule does not apply to a given situation. The Jury’s tenure begins with the first Team Captains Meeting prior to the start of training and ends with the expiration of the protest period or settlement of all protests and the approval of the Official Results.

    The race competition Jury and Jury Advisors consist of:

                Technical Delegate is Chairperson of the Jury and casts the deciding vote in case of ties.

                Referee (has vote)

                Chief of Race (has vote)

                Assistant Referee (speed events – SG & DH - only, the assistant referee has a vote)

    The following are considered Jury Advisor positions. Jury Advisors have a voice in Jury meetings but do not have a vote.*

    Jury Advisors:

                Start Referee

                Finish Referee

                * (At higher level events – FIS World Championships and Olympic Winter Games, the Start             and Finish Referees are appointed by FIS, are members of the Jury and do have a vote.)

    The Jury works together as a team with a primary responsibility to assist the ROC in conducting a successful event, while following U. S. Ski and Snowboard (and FIS as applicable) rules

    The Chief of Race’s principal duty is to represent the organizing committee, host club and resort.

    The Technical Delegate’s main goal is to provide guidance on behalf of the

    U.S. Ski and Snowboard organization and the division (NHARA).

    The Referee’s central objective is to advocate for all participating athletes.

    Team Captains’ Meeting

    The Team Captains (coaches) meet prior to the start of training and/or the first run of a race to review the event program, venue medical plan, course homologation and other important details. Another very important part of the meeting is that all athletes entered in a race event must be represented at the Team Captains Meeting of every U.S. Ski & Snowboard-sanctioned event.

    An actual meeting, attended in person by Team Captains (coaches), Jury, and race officials is an inseparable and mandatory part of the competition and is important for communication of Jury instructions, support of the ROC, as well as conveying ROC requests and information. It is also a critical element for risk management and liability-related matters.

    Ski Racing in NHARA is a structured and organized sport hosted at some of the most beautiful and enjoyable winter venues in the country. Please join us to continue the tradition of hosting quality events, which provide fulfilling athletic experiences.

    See you on the hill,

                NHARA Alpine Officials Committee

                Mike Cosman, Chair

                            Ted Sutton, Laurie Stevens, Bill McQuade; Arnie Huftalen, Matt Howard, Peter                                Holland, Jill Firstbrook, Mark Casale and Carl Anderson