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Alpine Officials Information

NHARA AO Education Advantage


                        On-hill Clinics and Mini-Seminars


NHARA AO  Clinic



NHARA AO  Clinic

King Pine


NHARA AO  Clinic






NHARA AO  Clinic






On-hill clinics’ start time may vary; usually between 9 am and 9:30

after the club’s program has started, which allows the opportunity

for parents/AOs/and potentially for some coaches to attend.

The Mini-seminars’ start time is after lunch…between 1 and 1:30

Each club will determine the times that work best

For questions or to attend another club's clinic, please contact Mike Cosman , NHARA AO Chair

TD Schedule 2019-2020

12/13/19 NHARA  U14  SL Camp, WV SL   Turton, F
12/14/19 Sosman Memorial, WV GS L3+ Nolan, K
12/15/19 Pat Harty, WV SL L3+ Howe, S
12/15/19 Minehan Memorial , U10-U16,  BW GS L3+ Holland, P
12/20/19 NHARA U12 SL Camp, Proctor SL   Turton, F
12/20/19 John DiCarlo Memorial, GS, Attitash GS   Gyger, D
12/27/19 Kenney Memorial - Open,  Mittersill SL   Holland, P
12/29/19 Dan Cardillo   U12-U14, WV GS   Connolly, K
12/31/19 Stan & Dan, U10-U14, Attitash GS   Holland, P
12/31/19 Zwahlen Mem U10-U14, GS, Loon GS   Gyger, D
1/4/20 John Eneguess U10-U16,Crotched GS   Cummings, B
1/4/20 Dowse Memorial, U10-U12, Mittersill SL   Clough, J
1/4/20 Open SL, Proctor SL   Suckling, M
1/4/20 Ski East HS, Ragged     Casale, M
1/5/20 Dowse Memorial 2, U14, Mittersill SL   Wight, C
1/5/20 Macomber Cup, Gunstock GS   Dunne, J
1/5/20 Open SL, U10-U14,  KP SL   Clough, J
1/5/20 Krantz Open , U10-U14, Pats Peak SL   Holland, P
1/10/20 NHARA U12 Camp     Turton, F
1/11/20 Ski East, Ragged      
1/11/20 Everett Merriman Mem Crotched GS Postponed Zimmermann, K
1/12/20 Macomber Cup, Sunapee GS Cancelled Cummings, B
1/12/20 Tina Sutton Mem, U12-U14, Loon SL   Suckling, M
1/12/20 Gus Pitou , U10-U14, Gunstock GS   Hpwe, S
1/12/20 Open GS, Cranmore GS   Wight, C
1/19/20 Open- Soper SL, WV SL   Huftalen, A
1/20/20 MLK; Mac Cup  Soper, WV GS   Cummings, B
1/20/20 Schneider Mem Cup , U10-U14,  Cranmore     Nolan, K
1/20/20 NHARA SG Course Inspetion, Attitash SG L+ Casale, M
1/21/20 NHARA SG, Attitash SG L3+ Casale, M
1/22/20 NHARA SG, Attitash  SG L3+ Casale, M
1/23/20 NHARA U14 SG, Camp, Skiway SG Cancelled Gill, G
1/23/20 U16 Qualifier SG, Attitash  SG L3+ Casale, M
1/24/20 U16 Qualifier SG, Attitash WEATHER SG L3+ Casale, M
1/24/20 NHARA U14 SG Camp, Men, Skiway SG Cancelled Gill, G
1/25/20 Ski East HS, Ragged      
1/25/20 Macomber/Open, Mittersill GS   Huftalen, A
1/26/20 Mac Cup-R.Hanson Mem, Pats Peak SL   Nevins, B
1/26/20 Skinner Cup, U12-U14, Sunapee GS   Purcell, M
1/26/20 Qualifier, U12/14, SL, Bretton Woods SL   Clough, J
1/26/20 Qualifier, U12/14, Dual SL, Gunstock SL   Casale, M
1/26/20 Qualifier, U12/14, SL, WV SL   Huftalen, A
1/31/20 NHARA U12 SL Camp, Abenaki SL   Turton, F
1/31/20 Girls’ SG Champs, U14, Skiway SG L3+ Gill, G
2/1/20 Tec Cup-U16 Men’s Qualifier, WV GS   Huftalen, A
2/1/20 U16 Women’s Qualifier, Crotched GS   Zimmermann, K
2/1/20 Open  GS, U10, Cranmore GS   Howard, M
2/2/20 U16 Men’s Qualifier, Wildcat GS   Brown, C
2/2/20 U16 Women’s Qualifier,  Loon GS   McQuade, B
2/2/20 Qualifier, U12/14, King Pine SL   Wight, C
2/2/20 Qualifier, U12/14, Crotched GS   Howe, S
2/2/20 NHARA U10 Skills Day, Attitash SQ    
2/2/20 NHARA U10 Skills Day, WV SQ    
2/7/20 Boys’ SG Champs, U14,Skiway SG L3+ McQuade, B
2/8/20 U10  Kinder Kombi, Sunapee Kombi    
2/8/20 Ski East HS Combo    
2/9/20 Mac Cup-Patenaude Trib, Pats Peak SL   Cummings, B
2/9/20 Candy Man Cup, U10 Gunstock Kombi   Howe, S
2/9/20 Qualifier, U12/14, Attitash GS   Wight, C
2/9/20 Qualifier, U12/14, Whaleback SL L3+ Lamb, R
2/9/20 Qualifier, U12/14, Loon SL   Odell.G
2/12/20 NEPSAC Class B Championships, Waterville      Gyger, D
2/14/20 NHARA U14 SL Camp SL   Turton,F
2/15/20 U16 Women’s Qualifier, Proctor SL   Florian, S
2/15/20 U16 Men's Qualifier, Mittersill SL   Howe, S
2/15/20 Open SL U10-U12, Abenaki SL L+

Holland, P

2/16/20 U16 Men’s Qualifier, Proctor SL   Gyger, D
2/16/20 U16 Women’s Qualifier, Mittersill SL   McQuade, B
2/16/20 Qualifier, U12/14, Sunapee  GS   Purcell, M
2/16/20 U10 Skills Day, Mittersill SQ    
2/18/20 Cliff Nyquist, Gunstock SL Night Dunne, J
2/19/20 Tony Buttinger, Gunstock SL   Dunne, J
2/21/20 U16 State Finals, Sunapee TRA L+ Nolan, K
2/22/20 Stubby SL, U10,  Ragged SL    
2/22/20 Qualifier, U12/14, Gunstock GS   Huftalen, A
2/22/20 U16 State Finals, Sunapee SL L3+ Nolan, K
2/23/20 U16 State Finals, Sunapee GS L3+ Nolan, K
2/23/20 Qualifier U12/U14, Skiway GS   Odell, G
2/23/20 Qualifier, U12/14, Wildcat GS   Clough, J
2/23/20 Qualifier, U12/14, Pats Peak SL   Howe, S
2/23/20 Qualifier, U12/14, Mittersill GS   Huftalen, A
2/28/20 NHARA U12/U14 Finals, Cranmore TRA L3+ Underhill, B
2/29/20 NHARA U12/ U14 Finals, Cranmore GS L3+ Underhill, B
3/1/20 NHARA U12/U14 Finals, Cranmore SL L3+ Underhill, B
2/29/20 MJ LaFoley Series  MJ’s, Mittersill SL   Connolly, K
3/1/20 U10 Skills Quest, Loon SQ   Cosman, M
3/5/20 Eastern HS Champs, Mittersill SL   Harlow, P
3/6/20 Eastern HS Champs, Mitersill SL   Harlow, P
3/6/20 State Championships, Crotched TRA L3+ Casale, M
3/7/20 State Championships, Crotched GS L3+ Casale. M
3/7/20 Eastern HS Champs, Mitersill GS   Harlow, P
3/8/20 Eastern HS Champs, Mittersill GS   Harlow, P
3/8/20 State Championships, Crotched GS L3+ Casale, M
3/6/20 State Championships,  Pats Peak TRA L3+ Howe, S
3/7/20 State Championships, Pats Peak SL L3+ Howe, S
3/8/20 State Championships, Pats Peak SL L3+ Howe, S
3/8/20 MJ LaFoley Series, Sunapee GS    
3/14/20 MJ LaFoley Series Sap Run, Wildcat GS   Florian, S
3/13/20 Piche Invitational, Gunstock TRA L3+ x2 Lipton/Hall
3/14/20 Piche Invitational, Gunstock GS L3+ x2 Lipton/Hall
3/15/20 Paul Ladouceur Memorial Gunstock SL L3+ x2 Lipton/Hall
3/15/20 Josh Russell Mem U10-U14, Pats Peak SL   Connolly, K
3/15/20 Sap Run, U10-U14, Wildcat GS   Wight, C
3/15/20 MJ LaFoley Spring Series, Ragged SL   Clough, J
3/20/20 NHARA U12 Parallel Camp, Gunstock     Turton, F
3/21/20 Chip Gilroy T-Shirt, U10-U16,Sunapee DUAL    
3/21/20 MJ LaFoley Series, Skiway SL   Huftalen, A
3/22/20 Mug Cup U10-U16,  Crotched Kombi   Zimmermann, K
3/22/20 Pendoley U10-U14, Mittersill SL   Huftalen, A
3/22/20 MJ LaFoley Series, Cranmore GS   Howard, M
3/28/20 Dan Bean Memorial, U10-U14, WV GS   Purcell, M
3/29/20 UNH Fund Raiser, Loon GS    
3/29/20 Single Pole Dual, U10-U16, Attitash DUAL    
3/29/20 MJ LaFoley Series, Pats Peak SL   Lamb, R