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NHARA Handbook

Changes Since Original Publication

3/2/2019  Page 26 - Update under Tecnica Cup Qualifier series wording: Removed the 1st sentence.
Page 35 – Additional wording to the Tecnica Cup U16 Qualifier Series scoring wording. Scattered formatting, spelling . . .

2/7/2019 - Page 31 Corrction to dates for the USSA Finals at Gore

1/27/2019 - Changes: 1) U16 Info updated;2) Page 39: Updated wording for scoring in the U12/U14 divisional qualifiers; 3)Various verbage corrections as well.

12/16/2018 - Changes: 1) Kate Mc Cloy’s email address on the RA page and in the Handbook, 2) Spelling in a couple of places-Derek Pelletier; 3)revised Alpine Officials info added.